Kory Andry


In my home studio students have the opportunity to play on an acoustic five-piece drum set, an Alesis D10 electric drum set as well as a four and a third octave rosewood marimba.  In all of my lessons I like to cover all aspects of becoming a proficient drummer / percussionist.  For those drummers who are not in any school band and are simply looking for guidance with playing the drum set then usually 100 percent of the 30 minute lesson is focused on drumming.  For students who are in an academic band setting I try to divide the minutes to encompass all areas of percussion:  drum set, mallets (keyboard), and orchestral.  Lessons taught at my home studio are $25 per 30 minutes and are paid directly to me on a per lesson basis (not monthly).  There is no problem if you have to miss a lesson.  I only ask that a 24 hour advance notice be given so that I can move some students around to accommodate my time as well as other students who might want a different lesson time.  Payment is required for any lesson missed without a 24 hour advance notice.  Thank you for your cooperation.

For the young beginner (going into the 6th grade or older) student starting lessons in preparation for being in the school band I suggest that the very first lesson be a double (1 hour) lesson. There's so much to cover as far as getting the snare drum tuned and setup correctly as well as setting up and playing the bells (glockenspiel).  For the first lesson please bring the required snare/bell kit (if required to have one for school), after our first lesson it won't be necessary to bring to my studio as I have the equipment (unless you really want to).  For all subsequent lessons just please be sure to bring sticks, mallets, and music. 

In our lessons I wear hearing protection and highly encourage my students to do the same.  I do have an extra pair of noise protection headphones that students are welcome to use and by all means you are encouraged to bring your own whether it be headphones or simple foam plugs.

My lessons are designed for ages 12 and older. For younger students I ask that a parent or guardian sit in on the lessons. Thanks.


For more information simply email or call.

Kory Andry
cell:  612-801-9799